MCCC recognizes that social media and mobile technology is a great way for club members to communicate with each other and promote club activities and achievements. In fact, the club has grown in part due to the availability and use of social media. MCCC wishes to embrace these communication channels, however, the Club recognises that they can be misused.

This policy has been published in an effort to be open and transparent about how members should communicate with each other, and with other interested parties, when using social media.

The following points are an overview of how the Club wishes to embrace these communication channels. Common sense should prevail in all instances. It is not possible or desirable to “legislate” for every possible situation, but further guidance can be sought from the Club’s Working Group on any points of detail.

Members’ email distribution list

For paid up Club members only and will be used to send out newsletters, notice of events and other ad hoc correspondence relevant to Club members only. This will be managed by designated members of the Cranks Working Group.

Members will have the option to opt out of the distribution list, but they will be advised that they will miss important Club information if they do so.

 Facebook – Club Page

The Club Facebook page is a public page with over 1,000 members, a far wider group of people than the paid-up Club membership.  Therefore, there is a greater risk of this page being misused. The Facebook page is also the most used communication media within MCCC. It is important we have some reasonable and common sense rules around its use.

The primary purpose of the Facebook page is to promote and convey information that is relevant for Club members. It offers a platform to share club activities, achievements, photographs, news etc.

The following posts are considered appropriate for the Club page:

  • Notification of club matters and events
  • Arranging rides
  • Cycling based topics and articles

The following posts are NOT ALLOWED on the Facebook page and will be deleted at the discretion of the Club’s Working Group without prior notice:

  • Any posts of a purely commercial nature. The Club page is not to be used for selling product or services, or advertising businesses. The only exception is the promotion of the agreed Mickey Cranks Club kit, for those who wish to wear it.
  • Any posts that are offensive or bring the Club into disrepute. These would include, but are not limited to, posts of a racist, homophobic, sexual, sexist or bullying nature.
  • Posts publishing grievances with the Club. We are a formally organized Club, with a process for handling disputes and grievances. The FB page is Public and is not the platform to deal with these.
  • Posts that are neither cycling related nor considered of interest/relevance to cyclists and the Club.
  • Just Giving and other personal charitable initiatives. These should be posted on your personal Facebook page not on the Club page.


Club Website – www.mickeycrankscyclingclub.co.uk

The Club website is to be used for notification of events or activities directly associated with the Club e.g. arranging rides, routes, coffee/cake stops, club guidelines, passing on information, and promoting the Cub.

The Club’s Working Group will retain the right to remove or edit any activity posted on the website.


In all situations, the Club’s social media channels and website should not be employed for personal gain, commercial or vested interest.

Posts should NOT contain profane or offensive language or images. They should also not criticize or belittle individuals, events, teams, sponsors or volunteers.

Any unreasonable activity should be reported to the Club Secretary or any member of the Club’s Working Group.

The Club may refuse or remove an individual’s membership if the Club’s social media platforms are misused in any way that is likely to bring the Club into disrepute.


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