So you want to try out riding in a club but feel a bit intimidated or scared of riding in a group of riders…

Well you’re in luck and you are definitely not alone. Martin Mathews is running a Saturday morning ride for new club members to come along and do a flat ride with a group of like minded new people. It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular cyclist who wants to join in or a complete novice. The ride is not fast it’s based on the slowest of the rider or riders in the group on the Saturday morning.  It is designed to help you understand some of the basic skills that you will require to ride safely in a group. You will learn hand signals and the calls that will keep you and the other riders in your group safe. Martin will run through drills on how to single out quickly and safely, slowing down and safe places to stop.  In the group will be some of the club’s experienced riders who will help you and try and answer any fears or questions you may have. It’s a friendly affair with a cuppa at the end normally at the shop.

Rides leave at 09:00 from Mickey Cranks Shop. If you’re coming in from afar there is plenty of parking around the shop we would ask that you don’t park outside the shop as there car park is quite small.

For more details about the ride please go to the Facebook Page and look for the Newbie Ride Post.

Useful Tips

What to Bring

  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Spare Inner Tube
  • Tyre Levers
  • Pump
  • Mobile Phone
  • Money (£5-£10 just in case you want a coffee or a cake)
  • Lights (Not a necessity but in the Winter it’s good to be visible)

Checking Your Bike

Before you get to the ride just check your Tyre pressures and check the Tyre itself for any cuts or bits sticking out this could save you time on the side of the road and at this time of year when its cold its time well spent. Also check your brakes and the rest of the bike over visually. Scott (from Mickey Cranks) runs a basic maintenance and bike check course from time to time so keep an eye out on Facebook its well worth it and will help you to know what to look for. Also check out this Post from about the course Click Here



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